Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisfied people who wear hearing aids.  Here is a sample of a few of those people.

Hi Rhonda,
I wanted to send a quick message to say how pleased I was with Kevin. He took the time to understand my hearing needs and provided thoughtful suggestions when recommending which hearing aid to choose. This morning I had difficulty getting one of my hearing aids to work so I emailed Kevin to see if he could help out. Within hours he got back to me and troubleshooted the situation. It turns out the wax filter was clogged (simple fix) but it was a huge help having him get back to me so soon as I need the hearing aids especially for work.

Thanks again for helping me hear better! I appreciate all you have done for me.


Dear Rhonda,
I want you to know how much I appreciate your superb care and attention to every need I’ve had since first coming to see you. Both your clinical expertise and your personal rapport and sensitivity have made me feel well cared for–and heard accurately (I’m aware of the pun!). Your staff mirrors your professionalism: alert, so competent, and attentive to details in a relaxed, friendly manner. You and they are a class act.

David Breakstone

As a medical professional, I know how much effort good service demands, and as a patient I certainly appreciate it. I do not believe I have ever known a medical practice which offers such service, far beyond expectations, as is offered by the West Newton Hearing Center. Starting with the basics of unsurpassable clinical expertise, they offer courteous and friendly help whenever patients ask, without pressure to purchase a hearing instrument”.

M. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D. (Wayland, MA)

We should not wait to have perfect hearing. Amplification should not be limited to the elderly. As we age, people color their hair and tone their bodies, but neglect their hearing. Being fully-engaged with the world is worth every penny. Your testing and services make the entire process so easy and pleasant. My Dad and I truly appreciate your innovation and alacrity.

Kathleen O.

Competence and caring have been the hallmarks of the WNHC since its founding in the 1980s. With dedication and commitment, Deborah and Rhonda have established a highly-regarded community resource in service to the hearing impaired. Over the years the WNHC has been a leader in making available to its clients the latest advancements in hearing technology and has maintained a sensitive, courteous client-centered relationship with all who seek its assistance. May this continue to be the legacy of Deborah and Rhonda for many years to come.

Joseph D.

The TV link with the Resound hearing aids makes watching TV a whole new experience. The restaurant setting on the iPhone makes it a pleasure to be in a group in a noisy environment.

Keith L.

I have been a patient for about 4 years and have always found the staff at the Hearing Center to be professional and helpful. My daughter became a hearing aid patient last year and has also had a great experience with the staff. I would recommend the Hearing Center to anyone needing hearing care.


The Best!

I have taken my mother to several places and she has never been as happy as she is with all the people at this Center. Rhonda was so empathetic- listened to all my mother’s stories and helped her feel comfortable with her new hearing aids. When my mother had a question she called and was given the same attention and warmth that she received with each visit. Go here if you want excellent service – the latest equipment – and peace of mind, knowing your loved ones will be treated with dignity. –

Jane Gross

Top Notch Hearing Aid Professionals 

I am a 60 year old male. During the past several years I have “driven my wife and family crazy” with my hearing loss.  Doing business with West Newton Hearing Center has changed my life for the better. I did not realize how good the new technology hearing aids are.  And people I am speaking with can not even see the aids on me. They are so small.  My wife says that I speak much softer now and listen to the TV at a normal level.  Even crowded and loud areas do not bother me anymore.  I highly recommend this group of professional audiologists. Rhonda is the audiologist that fitted me.

Bill Burke

Highly Recommended

I have been seeing Debbie at West Newton Hearing Center for over twenty years. I have seen her work well with both children and adults. She is always very knowledgeable about the hearing aids and other tools that can help me with my hearing loss and almost intuitive when it comes to understanding any issues that arise from being hard of hearing. The office is very warm and friendly and I have always been able to get a last minute appointment during emergencies such as a broken hearing aid. I highly recommend this place.

Ani O’Malley

An Important Gift

Rhonda, Debbie and the whole staff at the Hearing Center are wonderful. Rhonda and Debbie helped my mother with her hearing aids for many years. Even with a very serious hearing loss, they patiently and extremely knowledgeably helped her acquire and wear the best technologically advanced hearing aids which, consequently, kept her a vital and interpreted part of society… an important gift for us all. Thank you.

Michelle Manasse

Treats the Patient!

I am especially thankful to my doctors for the recommendation of West Newton Hearing Center. Considering the distance again for this service, I investigated some hearing centers in my area. All the hearing centers in my area sell hearing aids; WNHC treats the patient! I met with Dr. Melissa Mahaffey, who raised the bar for patient advocacy, awareness and compassion. She fitted me with a CROS hearing system and I have not stopped smiling since. WNHC’s service, training and accommodations surpassed all my expectations, especially when purchasing something so expensive. The future is looking so much brighter, albeit more nosier!

Kathryn Lesica

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Hearing Aid Review from Barb Cohen Ph.D., Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Arex Life Science, Inc.