CaptionCall - Life is Calling

CaptionCall® is a revolutionary new telephone and service for anyone who has trouble hearing on the phone. While hearing loss affects millions of people for many different reasons – age, illness, injury, loud working conditions, and military service among them – it doesn’t have to limit the quality of their phone conversations. With CaptionCall, it’s easy to communicate confidently with friends, family and colleagues.

Similar to captioned television, CaptionCall uses voice recognition technology and a fast transcription service to provide written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. It works like a regular telephone – simply dial and answer calls as usual – speak and listen using a phone handset like always. Plus, with CaptionCall, users see captions of what callers say without missing a single word.

The CaptionCall phone, combined with the free captioning service and friendly customer support, enables people everywhere to get more from their phone conversations—and from life. To learn more call 877-557-2227 or visit