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We should not wait to have perfect hearing. Amplification should not be limited to the elderly. As we age, people color their hair and tone their bodies, but neglect their hearing. Being fully-engaged with the world is worth every penny. Your testing and services make the entire process so easy and pleasant. My Dad and I truly appreciate your innovation and alacrity.

Kathleen O.

Here’s the scary truth about hearing loss:

It’s gradual.

You slowly begin adjusting your lifestyle to your diminished hearing. The TV volume creeps higher, people begin to recognize they will have to speak louder and repeat themselves more when conversing with you, and you slowly begin avoiding loud places to socialize.

You likely don’t notice until, over time, these small adjustments become big problems. They wear on your relationships and you can become so socially withdrawn you hardly recognize your life, just like Karen’s dad above. You don’t notice until it’s gotten out of control.

Many people avoid hearing aids because they think they’re noticeable or cumbersome. They think hearing aids will impact the lifestyle they currently lead or won’t work as well as they hope.

Lyric Hearing Aids combine the science of clear, natural sound with the art of invisibility. Lyric is a 100% invisible hearing aid that can be worn for 24 hours. No daily hassles or battery changes, and Lyric is sweat- and water-resistant to keep up with your active lifestyle!

Learn more about hearing loss and Lyric during our 1-Hour Virtual Seminar.

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This online event is absolutely free, as is the consultation AND trial-period, if you choose to take advantage of them. All you need to do is RSVP by May 12th!

The Virtual Seminar will be held on May 13th at 10:30AM. 


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