Hearing Aids: Why It’s Better to Shop Local

Environmentalists have done a pretty good job of convincing people that shopping local for your groceries makes sense.  Fresher products.  It keeps money in the community, and reduces the toll that trucking takes on the environment.  But what about things like hearing aids?  Does shopping local for hearing aids matter?  Well, yeah.  For some of the same reasons, and more.

Shopping local keeps neighborhood audiology practices in business, some of whose patients have been seeing the same doctor for 30 years or more.  For generations, in fact, they have a history together.  And the doctors understand their patients—their needs, their preferences, and their budgets, offering hearing technology in a range of prices, many on par with big box pricing.

And yes, the hearing aids and accessories at a local audiology practice are fresher, meaning more state-of-the art, and better built with better materials.  The effect being that what you hear doesn’t just sound louder, it sounds more natural – less metallic and better in crowds.

Lastly, local audiology practices (including ours) are most often owner-operated businesses.  Storefront operations run by entrepreneurs who take the time to make sure your hearing aids are precisely tuned to accommodate your very specific hearing loss.  There are no off-the-shelf solutions here.  And when you need adjustments, repairs or intervention with your insurance company?  You’re dealing with a neighbor, not a corporation – someone whose livelihood depends entirely on your happiness.

It’s funny when you think about it.  The surest place to get world-class service is by staying local.